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Welcome to our on-line boys christening store.
 View our large and extensive selection of Designer Christening & Baptismal styles for boys from suits, rompers and outfits for Christening, Baptism, dedication naming or bris.  We’ve picked styles that are popular with all our customers from European, traditional, heirloom, silk and cotton styles for every budget.
  We hope you like our selections on our online store. We have loaded onto our web site as many of our style to easy your purchase on line  or if you don't wish to travel. We stock inventory for quick delivery. If  you have any questions please allow us to help. 
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We encourage all our customers to please visit our store to view the boys christening selections in person and to see all that is available from our incredible large array of styles,and designers  that are not previewed online. Please remember we have created this web site for our customers convenience and we are willing to help both online as well as in person.  Thank you for your Business.

We stock plenty of inventory in our store with normal stock sizes,  3m, 6m, 9m, 12m,  but in the event that we are out of stock or you need to special order and item such as an 18 Month or 24 Month which are not stock sizes, we recommend ordering your outfits three to four weeks in advance.  Please keep this in mind , otherwise the manufacturer will require a rush fee for order less then fifteen days. 
Please keep this in mind and avoid the rush fee.

Boys Silk Christening outfit short sleeve, knicker pant with newsboy cap
Price: $210.00
White silk with accented brocade boys christening romper with matching newsboy cap
Price: $198.00
Boys White Shantung Christening romper with long pant and long sleeve matching newsboy cap
Price: $198.00
Boys white silk Christening suit with matching jacket and newsboy cap
Price: $279.00
Boys Silk Suit with matching long jacket
Price: $289.00
Boys 3 piece christening silk or Shantung suit with matching newsboy cap
Price: $269.00
Little Prince by Piccolo Bacio Boys Christening Romper come in Silk or Shantung with short or long sleeve
Price: $179.99
Andrew christening romper Couture Designer Short sleeve romper with embroidered chest panel,long pant and adjustable dough boy hat
Price: $139.99
Andrew baby romper Long sleeve silk preemie long pant christening outfits fits up to 6lbs
Price: $169.00
Boys Shantung or White Silk boys Christening Suit w/matching hat
Price: $170.00
Boys White Silk boys Christening Suit w/matching newboy cap
Price: $198.00
Boys Shantung Christening Romper with match dough boy cap
Price: $175.00
Boy Silk Designer Christening Romper with light white piping accent on vest.
Price: $198.00
Sal boys Christening Romper White Silk or Shantung Boys Designer Long pant and vested with tie and peter pan collar with matching newsboy cap
Price: $206.00
Boys White Silk and Gold Brocade Christening Romper with Matching Newboy Cap by Piccolo Bacio
Price: $200.00
Karl White Shantung boys christening outfit with matching dough boy hat
Price: $179.00
Joe Boys Custom Couture Christening romper made of fine Silk with double breasted brocade vest and collar and pant cuff matching dough boy cap
Price: $179.00
100% White Silk Boys Christening Romper short sleeve with long pant newsboy cap
Price: $179.00
White silk Couture Designer Boys Brocade Christening Long Pant Romper with Brocade vest and matching newsboy rider cap
Price: $198.00
Pio_LS by Piccolo Bacio Boys white Silk Christening suit one Piece emb vest 5 cover button detail and tie with matching newsboy cap Long sleeve
Price: $189.00